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From Rags To Riches. Fill your estate with gardens, crops, orchards, and livestock, going from a run-down farm to the land of your dreams. Nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing your hard work come to fruition! 


Fish On The Hook. No RPG game is complete without its own fishing mechanics. Something about this area is magical, and fish from all over swim in the mystical waters. It’s now up to you to reel in the biggest catch!


Strike The Ground. Explore the world with a pickaxe in your hand and courage in your heart. Mine treacherous terrains filled with adorable and vicious enemies that hide the most precious gemstones and rarest minerals!



Do It Yourself. Stock up on your resources and craft valuable items to help you through your journey. From recreational items to useful tools, the choice rests in your hands. Just make sure your materials are properly refined!


Go, Grow, Glow. Plot your land with the widest varieties of delicious fruits and vegetables you can think of! Cook all sorts of recipes with your harvest or load up your shipping bin to turn a hefty profit. 


Get Down And Dirty. Create the perfect growing conditions for your crops! Use your unique magnifying glass to zoom in and analyze your soil. Team up with your farm animals to mix the ideal fertilizers in your compost system.


Meet The Townsfolk. Get to know the lovely cast that fills the town and discover their stories. Make friends with your newfound neighbors and win over their hearts. Who knows when you might need a helping hand!


Get Flirty. Who says farmers can’t have a bit of romance? Show off your smooth dating skills and woo those who catch your attention. Get to know them better using different means of unlocking one’s affection!


Mark Your Calendars. The town is filled with fun festivals and seasonal events that allow you to feel connected with the community even more. Participate to win prizes and acquire special festival-only items and bonuses!


Learn Your Botany. Become a master arborist by wielding your mighty ax and chopping down trees in your very own forest. Forage mushrooms along the way and be a fungi expert that knows the difference between edible and poisonous.


Be A Masterchef. They say the fastest route to people’s hearts is their stomachs. Thankfully, we have over 200 unique recipes you can choose from. Collect them from your friends, or just make some of your own!


Animal Contests. Show your animal companions some love by showcasing them in the spotlight. Participate in pet shows and animal races that will test your mettle in breeding the best and finest in town!


Customize The Experience. Make everybody know it’s YOUR farm. Upgrade your buildings, buy stylish furniture pieces, decorate your home, and move things as you please to suit your unique, exquisite taste!


Exciting Mini-Games. Take a break while you play some of the most addictive arcade games ever like Super Slime Hoops, 3 Hungry Cows, Prize Crane, Snowboarding, Pickaxe Power, Lava Pusher, Unstable Reels, Chopper, and more!


Try Your Luck. Here’s even more reason to look forward to - scratch cards! Better than what you can find at the local corner store, ours can unlock useful items, rare seeds, and even special abilities. Complete quests for even more rewards!


Piece The Puzzle. Immerse yourself in a creative, memorable storyline rich in deep lores and heartfelt stories. Unlock the mysteries of the Cornucopia and collect the missing pieces that will help you restore it to its former glory. 

All this and so much more. With original soundtracks made by Pontus Hultgren, our team of developers can’t wait to present our game to you. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get farming.