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Dive into the most bountiful farming and life simulation experience yet. Cornucopia takes everything that makes the genre great, turns up the dial to 11, and adds a whole bunch more. Raising crops. Building relationships. Breeding animals. Designing homes. Everything you know and love about these games, Cornucopia puts its own unique spin on it to create a farming sim experience like no other.


Gathering resources, no matter if it’s by cutting down trees or smashing rocks, is its own mini-game filled with surprises. Every swing of your axe or pickaxe has a chance to yield fun and useful items.


Mustering herds and flocks of animals to enrich your farm is also a fun-filled experience, chock full of variety. Attend auctions and bid on animals with distinctive genetics. Each visit to the auction house is guaranteed to have unexpected outcomes for your breeding endeavors.


And you’re never on your own. In Cornucopia, there are over 47 characters, each with their own personality and quirks. But they never stay the same. Each playthrough, the locals will change up what they desire, making relationship-building a whole new experience.


You’ll also never have to feel jealous of your newfound friends’ homes. With Cornucopia’s robust home decorating system, you can tweak and tailor every corner of your living space the way you want. And why stop at one home, when you can also buy more than one in different settings?


If this is all making you feel overwhelmed, we’ve got you covered. Cornucopia’s quest and card system keeps you focused on tasks that’ll turn you into a farming hero in no time. And if you’d rather kick back a bit, there’s a smorgasbord of exciting mini-games for fishing, cooking, and even for just plain old fun to keep you occupied.


Everything that you’ve ever dreamed a farming sim to have can be found right here in Cornucopia.



  1. Everything is A Mini Game - From smashing rocks to fishing up big catches, every activity in Cornucopia is a fun-filled, exciting experience that rewards you handsomely each time.

  2. A Fresh Experience Each Time - Every playthrough of Cornucopia is its own unique experience. Different animal genetics. Randomized gift likes for NPCs. Starting a new game is always a new farming adventure.

  3. Play It Your Way - Cornucopia is all about choice and that’s baked into every one of its features. Need to skip the grind? Ask your closest relationships to do some tasks for you. Don’t feel like gathering resources? Dive into a collection of exhilarating arcade games while still making progress.